Playing with Thea Render (I) – Mausoleum

These days I’ve been playing around with Thea Render, from SolidIris. I own a license since 2012, but apart from small tests, I’ve been quite reluctant to work with it. In Spanish there’s an expression “Poner palos en las ruedas”, which you could translate as “throw a spanner in the works”, or literally “put a stick in the spokes”. That’s exactly how I felt
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V-Ray Workshop Top 5

DG House is on the Top 5 selection of V-Ray Workshop! (April 12-18, 2015) Honestly, I don’t know what to say. It has only taken me 12 years to be there. Thanks Evermotion, VRay Workshop and the judges. And above all, to all my friends for their support during the loooong days working on this project, and after that, for their kind words & sharing on Facebook. They are too many, and I don’t want to for
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Tip – Custom Rule of Thirds & imageCompHelper

These last months, I’ve seen a lot of people “discovering” a great free script by Christoph Bülter called imageCompHelper. It helps you visualize the Rule of Thirds inside the 3dsmax viewport, as a composition help for your camera shots. Luckily, I heard about about it some years ago, and I’ve used it since 3dsmax2010, I think. It’s a great script, and it is for sure a great helper for y
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Grant Warwick – Mastering VRay

CG is a tough business. New software, new plugins, new render engines, new techniques….and we have to keep up with that. It’s a continuous learning process. Every now and then, a new “guru” comes out of nowhere and becomes highly known in the CG scene. And some of them try to sell that “new” knowledge that has driven them to where they are. I’ve always been a little reluctant
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3dsmax Viz Training 2013-14

During last months, Jose Mª Fernández, CEO of The Glow has given several courses at Centro Tecnológico FEVAL, in Don Benito. I helped him in two of them (kind of my speciality, if you will): Lighting and Rendering in 3dsmax with VRay, and Architectural Visualization with 3dsmax and VRay. Just like previous years, we had a great bunch of students, very enthusiastic and eager to learn almost from scratch. And even the
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WIP – Demoreel props

These are some props I’m currently working on, (or just improving), for several shots of my Demoreel. I hope I will live long enough to see it finished someday   😕 Some of them are animated gifs, so click on them to see in action.
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Mundos Digitales 2012

Except for the last year, I’ve spent my last 4 summer holidays in Mundos Digitales, in La Coruña (Spain), the best conferences on Animation, VFX, Videogames & Digital Architecture in Spain. It was hard for me not to go last year, so I couldn’t miss this edition. But how can I summarize 5 days with great friends, inspiring conferences by great speechers, delicious drink & food…in a lovely city? My friend Crist
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Motiva RealStereo + 3D Allusions Kitchen

Well, here I am with some R&D. In fact, it’s not even my own R&D, but my friends’ at MotivaCG. They’ve developed an incredible composition plugin for The Foundry Nuke & eyeon Fusion (and whatever composition software that handles OFX format). With it, based on an UNIQUE image, and using its Depth-Of-Field channel, you can get stereoscopic images such as this. I know, you can get this result using several
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3dsmax Viz Training 2011

Recently I (as part of The Glow) have finished a 3dsmax Visualization Training Course at Centro Tecnológico FEVAL, in Don Benito. Students have learnt how to use 3D Studio MAX & VRay from scratch (most of them had no experience with 3d software). From modelling, texturing, lighting,….to rendering & doing the post-production of several architectural projects. These are a few photographs with some of the 20 stu
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