La Coruña

Mundos Digitales 2012 (II)

As I said on my previous post, I didn’t have time to go on “tourist mode” during Mundos Digitales 2012 in La Coruña, Spain. We spent 4 days all in a hurry. It was like: wake up-breakfast-conferences-lunch-conferences-night party …..and start over again. (No regrets at all, by the way :)) But it’s a shame these are the only photographs I could take. None of them do justice to the city. All of them are from
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Mundos Digitales 2012

Except for the last year, I’ve spent my last 4 summer holidays in Mundos Digitales, in La Coruña (Spain), the best conferences on Animation, VFX, Videogames & Digital Architecture in Spain. It was hard for me not to go last year, so I couldn’t miss this edition. But how can I summarize 5 days with great friends, inspiring conferences by great speechers, delicious drink & food…in a lovely city? My friend Crist
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