Mundos Digitales 2012 (II)

As I said on my previous post, I didn’t have time to go on “tourist mode” during Mundos Digitales 2012 in La Coruña, Spain. We spent 4 days all in a hurry. It was like: wake up-breakfast-conferences-lunch-conferences-night party …..and start over again. (No regrets at all, by the way :)) But it’s a shame these are the only photographs I could take. None of them do justice to the city. All of them are from
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It was founded in the year 25 BC, with the name of Emerita Augusta (meaning the bachelors – discharged soldiers – of the army of Augustus, who founded the city; the name Mérida is an evolution of this) by order of Emperor Augustus, to protect a pass and a bridge over the Guadiana river. The city became the capital of Lusitania province, and one of the most important cities in the Roman empire. Mérida preserves more i
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Now a small village in Badajoz, Spain, its origins can be traced back to the Prehistoric Age. Settled on a hill of strategic value, it was occupied by muslims and reconquered again in 1234. Famous for its dolmen (3º millennium BC) and its castle, even though only a small part of it stands still. UPDATE: “Pasarela en Rojo” has been awarded with the 1st prize in the XII Magacela Photography Contest. These p
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