Motiva RealStereo + 3D Allusions Kitchen

Well, here I am with some R&D.

In fact, it’s not even my own R&D, but my friends’ at MotivaCG.
They’ve developed an incredible composition plugin for The Foundry Nuke & eyeon Fusion (and whatever composition software that handles OFX format). With it, based on an UNIQUE image, and using its Depth-Of-Field channel, you can get stereoscopic images such as this.

I know, you can get this result using several techniques: with VRayStereoCam, or using certain rigs, or plugins for 3dsmax, Maya… or whatever your weapon of choice may be.
But since you would need 2 images, 2 different renders, this MotivaCG plugin called buycbdproducts RealStereo” is a huge time-saver. You’ll need only half of the images you would normally need and it’s renderer-independent, too. And even better, it’s just one of the many plugins shipped in Motiva Perception Bundle.

So I’ve tested it on this old free scene from 3DAllusions forum, that I downloaded, lit, and rendered for testing purposes back in 2009. To watch it properly, you’ll need anaglyph glasses. You know, the cheapest ones, usually made of cardboard, with red filter (left eye) and cyan (right eye). Like these.

Thanks again to my friends at MotivaCG for letting me test their stuff. Not only they have great talent, skills, and commercial products, but they are such incredible guys.

Go to their web and spend some money !!!

Kitchen 01

Kitchen 02

Kitchen 03 Stereo3D

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