Well, it’s being a boring weekend. I’ve started a quick archviz project and I’m waiting for feedback to finish it. And you know, idle hands……. 😈 So I found this model by Jamil Green and I thought it could be a good model to test some shaders I’ve seen on Grant Warwick’s Mastering Lighting course. But I needed more geometry, and this particular model is great (thanks, Jamil),
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Grant Warwick – Mastering VRay

CG is a tough business. New software, new plugins, new render engines, new techniques….and we have to keep up with that. It’s a continuous learning process. Every now and then, a new “guru” comes out of nowhere and becomes highly known in the CG scene. And some of them try to sell that “new” knowledge that has driven them to where they are. I’ve always been a little reluctant
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3dsmax Viz Training 2013-14

During last months, Jose Mª Fernández, CEO of The Glow has given several courses at Centro Tecnológico FEVAL, in Don Benito. I helped him in two of them (kind of my speciality, if you will): Lighting and Rendering in 3dsmax with VRay, and Architectural Visualization with 3dsmax and VRay. Just like previous years, we had a great bunch of students, very enthusiastic and eager to learn almost from scratch. And even the
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Suicide Bulb

Hi! (in case there’s someone reading). This is a small project I finished last Christmas in order to test several techniques, tips and render engines. For now, this is the VRay version (Thea Render version soon to come, I hope)  😎 Other things I practiced were: modeling hard surfaces (which I’m not used to), playing with Marvelous Designer, adding extra detail to the edges of surfaces, following a tutoria
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After delivering this project for a client with a “clear-blue-sky-shiny-day” finish, I decided to work on the lighting & atmosphere, getting these results. Much better than the version the client wanted, in my humble opinion.
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