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3dsmax Viz Training 2013-14

During last months, Jose Mª Fernández, CEO of The Glow has given several courses at Centro Tecnológico FEVAL, in Don Benito. I helped him in two of them (kind of my speciality, if you will): Lighting and Rendering in 3dsmax with VRay, and Architectural Visualization with 3dsmax and VRay. Just like previous years, we had a great bunch of students, very enthusiastic and eager to learn almost from scratch. And even the
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3dsmax Viz Training 2011

Recently I (as part of The Glow) have finished a 3dsmax Visualization Training Course at Centro Tecnológico FEVAL, in Don Benito. Students have learnt how to use 3D Studio MAX & VRay from scratch (most of them had no experience with 3d software). From modelling, texturing, lighting,….to rendering & doing the post-production of several architectural projects. These are a few photographs with some of the 20 stu
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One of those “not-so-typical” works I did at Claroscuro Digital : the restoration of an old hotel, mixing modern decoration with some antique style furniture & stuff. UPDATE 2013: New, updated & improved version. Here you have some frames from the upcoming reel (still in progress) I’m working on it, I promise 😉
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Extremadura@home, an account manager provided by Universidad de Extremadura. If you know SETI@home, you know what is this project and BOINC about. But instead of searching for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence, it assists users in creating and managing BOINC project accounts and helps with setting preferences, joining or creating teams, and connecting computers to projects. Pendrives were provided with all the essential
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Recently we have finished a videoart piece called Landwine: Captured Nature. It’s a collaborative and creative project betweeen A+i+D Studio (headed by the artist Alfonso Doncel), writer Antonio Sáez Delgado, and The Glow / Claroscuro Digital. It explores the meaning of beauty by relocation. What is beauty? What is art? Can we call something “art” just by moving it from its place and putting it some
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Frames of an animation we did at Claroscuro Digital / The Glow for Romanticism Route in Almendralejo, Badajoz, Spain.  
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