3dsmax Viz Training 2013-14

During last months, Jose Mª Fernández, CEO of The Glow has given several courses at Centro Tecnológico FEVAL, in Don Benito.
I helped him in two of them (kind of my speciality, if you will): Lighting and Rendering in 3dsmax with VRay, and Architectural Visualization with 3dsmax and VRay.

Just like previous years, we had a great bunch of students, very enthusiastic and eager to learn almost from scratch. And even the small amount of time we were given (all of the courses were too short in my opinion), they have managed to complete a full real life project on both of my courses. And they have hopefully learnt something along the way (at least nobody fell asleep during my chats about light and photography) 🙂

These are a few photographs I took last day. It was a very nice experience, with great people I can now call friends. I hope to see you on upcoming Courses !!







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