Special Skills

I’m convinced we are all gifted with a full set of skills (insert Liam Neeson’s meme here 😆 ). Normal and ….”special” ones. We are not even aware of most of them, but as time goes by, we discover some of them. The rest keeps hidden from us, lying underneath, maybe during all our lives. Regarding my job (CG, projects, clients, or anything related to computers), I’ve discovered a couple of those skills so far.
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Well, it’s being a boring weekend. I’ve started a quick archviz project and I’m waiting for feedback to finish it. And you know, idle hands……. 😈 So I found this model by Jamil Green and I thought it could be a good model to test some shaders I’ve seen on Grant Warwick’s Mastering Lighting course. But I needed more geometry, and this particular model is great (thanks, Jamil),
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WIP – Rocks!

Someone once told me: “Overspecialization can be kind of…..meh. You know, there’s a guy in Pixar, ILM or Weta just making rocks. I’m sure he is the best on his field in the entire world. But hey!, is there anything more boring than just making rocks?”. Well, luckily, I don’t pretend to be that guy (I couldn’t, even if I wanted). But I needed some rocks for a WIP I’m cur
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WIP – Demoreel props

These are some props I’m currently working on, (or just improving), for several shots of my Demoreel. I hope I will live long enough to see it finished someday   😕 Some of them are animated gifs, so click on them to see in action.
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DemoReel – Props

Here you’ll find a preview of some props from the personal projects I’m currently working on, (or just improving), for several shots of my Demoreel. It is my intention to publish them as a “Finish this once and for all !!!” note to myself. This gallery will be updated as I work on the reel.  
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