Shop – Gabion

Well, this is gonna be an experiment I have almost no faith in, so if it doesn’t work, at least I won’t be disappointed. It’s something I’ve been thinking of for a loooong time: to sell some of my 3D models. I know there are hundreds of thousands of 3D models out there. Free and commercial. And I’m no expert at modelling, nor at texturing, nor at……..(insert whatever skill you
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DG House

This is something I’ve been working on my spare time (I don’t even remember when I started working on it xD). The house itself is a project from Francisco José Díaz Gallego Arquitect Studio, but the environment is totally made up by me. As I normally do with my personal scenes, I’ve used it in order to learn, to push myself and improve my skills. Amongst the challenges I’ve faced are: nature e
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WIP – Rocks!

Someone once told me: “Overspecialization can be kind of…..meh. You know, there’s a guy in Pixar, ILM or Weta just making rocks. I’m sure he is the best on his field in the entire world. But hey!, is there anything more boring than just making rocks?”. Well, luckily, I don’t pretend to be that guy (I couldn’t, even if I wanted). But I needed some rocks for a WIP I’m cur
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