Shop – Gabion

Well, this is gonna be an experiment I have almost no faith in, so if it doesn’t work, at least I won’t be disappointed. It’s something I’ve been thinking of for a loooong time: to sell some of my 3D models. I know there are hundreds of thousands of 3D models out there. Free and commercial. And I’m no expert at modelling, nor at texturing, nor at……..(insert whatever skill you
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INFORMATION Client: MonIberic Interior Design and Art Direction: ExtraBonus CG: Alex Ruano I don’t usually show my professional works, but I will make another exception here (2nd in a row). This is one of my latest projects: a special concept of Spanish delicatessen + coffee shop. A place where you can buy 200 gr. of Serrano ham, and have a coffee or a beer at the same time (or you can order it to go). I think
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