Grant Warwick – Mastering VRay

CG is a tough business. New software, new plugins, new render engines, new techniques….and we have to keep up with that. It’s a continuous learning process.
Every now and then, a new “guru” comes out of nowhere and becomes highly known in the CG scene. And some of them try to sell that “new” knowledge that has driven them to where they are. I’ve always been a little reluctant to buying any of those courses. Call me skeptical.

But trust me, this is not the case. I discovered Grant Warwick several years ago, when he released some free videotutorials about Hard Surface Modeling. I followed him, and the quality of his work is astonishing. So when I first heard of this Annual Training Course (and its price), I had no doubt. And I have to say, these are the best 199 AUD (135 €) I’ve spent on CG so far.
It’s 10 years since I’m working with VRay, I thought I knew VRay…but when I saw the first of his tutorials, it blew me away. I felt like I knew nothing at all.

Until now, there are only 5 lessons, and even if it stopped there, it’s worth the price. But it is an annual subscription, so I can’t even imagine the great things I’m about to learn. And it’s all new, not recycled info. I haven’t seen any of his advices anywhere else.


So I strongly recommend it. If you want to learn VRay, and you have those 199 AUD (135 €), there are few better things to spend on.

Best regards.

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