INFORMATION Client: Altecnic CG: Alex Ruano Reinha Residential. Located in Sinforiano Madroñero Avenue, a privileged place in Badajoz, a modern & well communicated place to live. In Spain but looking at Portugal. I know, the name “Reinha” is neither Spanish nor Portuguese. I guess it’s a mix from both, meaning “Queen”. Maybe because of the roundabout where it’s located (Isabel
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Pharma House

INFORMATION Client, Design and Art Direction: Lambea & Donoso Arquitectos CG: Alex Ruano Beautiful house located in Villanueva de la Serena, Badajoz, Spain. The exterior shots were delivered in 2018, but after many months under NDA I’m finally allowed to show them. Hope you’ll enjoy the effort I’ve put in the project, in which I think I’ve also learned quite a few tips (thanks, Alberto Ger
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