INFORMATION Client: Ramen Interior Design and Art Direction: ExtraBonus CG: Alex Ruano This is a small reinterpretation of a fast project I finished a couple of weeks ago. The concept is a Japanese restaurant, but mixing urban fast-food style with a little good old-fashioned and traditional touch. BONUS: This is my personal favourite of the series. I think B&W, in addition to the concrete walls and japanese touch
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It’s a long time since I wanted to test Corona Render. And for testing purposes, I decided it was going to be on a small and easy scene. I checked my “Inspiration” folder, and one image caught my eye, so I decided to recreate it in 3D, and learn Corona along the way. The project is the New Crematorium / Woodland Cemetery in Stockholm, by Johan Celsing Arkitektkontor AB, and the photograph I used as
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Never Again

I tend to use my personal projects as an experiment to learn new methods, techniques I still don’t fully understand, or to improve my skills. In this case, the goal was to recreate a photograph I took in 2003, with a 1-megapixel digital camera (not much quality, as you guess). Such place had “something” that inspired me and the photograph had a lighting that I really liked. Unfortunately, the project spent some years
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