Never Again

I tend to use my personal projects as an experiment to learn new methods, techniques I still don’t fully understand, or to improve my skills. In this case, the goal was to recreate a photograph I took in 2003, with a 1-megapixel digital camera (not much quality, as you guess). Such place had “something” that inspired me and the photograph had a lighting that I really liked. Unfortunately, the project spent some years in my “work in progress” folder, until I finally decided to do it.

UPDATE 2013: New, updated & improved version. Here you have some frames from the upcoming reel (still in progress). I’m working on it, I promise ;-)





  1. zhoutao Responder

    Do you work is very good I like it very much you can teach how to do it, I am your fan, I like to make 3 d gallery.

  2. admin Responder

    Thanks a lot, zhoutao. Wow, a fan! It’s an honor to me. By the way, you have the making of this scene here:


    Thanks again, man 🙂

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