Darth Sparrow

Client: Non-commissioned
CG: Alex Ruano

Personal non-commissioned project I’ve done for (and with) my nephew, my partner in crime and best friend ever, Daniel.
A small Sith Lord willing to destroy Tele5 (a disgusting gossip Spanish TV channel we are often forced to watch at home. Don’t ask why 😥 ).
Why Sparrow? Because it’s his nickname since he was a baby.

I know, it’s just a silly and easy exercise, but I wanted to learn how to cut and integrate 2D people into a 3D render. We’ve tried home-made “green-screen” for the matte (it was neither green nor blue, and didn’t work as expected). It’s not perfect, it’s not seamless, but it’s the first step. Hopefully I will do it better next time 😉

Thanks Thomas Banner for his Death Star and Scifi3D for still hosting those old but good models.

By the way, we didn’t practice his evil expression. It comes naturally to him :mrgreen:

  1. Julio C Jimenez Responder

    Love it !!!

    Way to go Jandro!!!

  2. admin Responder

    Thanks mate! May the Ojocarpa live forever!!!

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