Genti di Muerti in Sitges 2014 !!!

Genti di Muerti_1280

Yesterday, it was a great day.

Recently my friends at Glow finished their (I should say “our”, since I feel a small part of it) shortfilm “Genti di Muerti”, a terror story based on popular mythology from the north of Cáceres, Extremadura, Spain. It was a hard process that took almost two years in the making (most of that time working on the VFX, with such a level of quality never seen in our autonomous community, Extremadura). Here’s the trailer (only in Spanish, sorry):

And the website (also in English), where you can find more info: cast, summary, images…… GENTI DI MUERTI

But that’s not the point. When I say it was a great day, it’s because the shortfilm is going to be presented at the Official Section of the 2014 Sitges Film Festival!!!. One of the best Film Festivals in the world, and arguably the best of them dedicated to Fantastic & Terror films.

I can’t put into words what that means to us. Sadly, I did not participate on the shortfilm, but as a Glow member, I know how hard my colleagues & friends worked on it, the difficulties they encountered, and how they solved them with their passion, perseverance and effort. They deserve all the best so, congratulations !!!!

PD: Jose, next time I’m in. Promised.

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