I’m being copied!

I’ve never considered myself as an artist. I think I’m not even close to being an artist. But if there’s a point beyond which this “small” CG community starts to consider you an artist, is being copied. And I’ve just being copied by a guy (Adnan Salmi) who was trying to take ownership of one of my images by making videotutorials of how to do it in C4D.
Of course, not even with a mention to the original author. UPDATE: to be fair, he has added that mention after my comment on his youtube channel.



Videotutorials from Adnan Salmi:

To my surprise, I’m not disgusted at all. In fact, I consider it as a homage, and it has brightened up my day 🙂
Feel free to follow & enjoy these videotutorials. It’s always good that people share their knowledge. Hats off to him for that.

PD: Thanks to my good friend Alberto Germá for finding it.

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