Villanueva Council Chamber

INFORMATION Client: Ayuntamiento Villanueva de la Serena Agency: Glow Interior Design: El Corte Inglés CG: Alex Ruano Personal remake of a project I did 8-9 years ago for El Corte Inglés decoration department, while working at Glow (Claroscuro Digital at that time). It’s the Council Chamber of Villanueva de la Serena, Badajoz, Spain. Although the original design was very close to the final version, they ended u
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Salesianos Heights

INFORMATION Client: Grupo Empresarial Mañero Trans Agency: Glow Interior Design & CG: Alex Ruano Some interior shots from my latest project. 4 unifamiliar houses in Merida, Extremadura, Spain.
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Hoyo 19 & Casares del Mar

INFORMATION Client: Magnum & Partners Agency: MCO Marketing Interior Design: Cristina Lambea Valor CG: Alex Ruano New concept and re-design of 2 existing houses in Hoyo 19 Residential and Casares del Mar Luxury Apartments, both in Costa del Sol, Málaga (beautiful & sunny Spain).  
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Campus Residential

INFORMATION Client: Arias y Ramos Arquitectos Interior Design and Art Direction: Arias y Ramos Arquitectos CG: Alex Ruano Another project I’ve been working on, finished and delivered last week. A 165-housing residential located in Badajoz (Spain), near UEX Campus and Infanta Cristina Hospital.
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DG House

This is something I’ve been working on my spare time (I don’t even remember when I started working on it xD). The house itself is a project from Francisco José Díaz Gallego Arquitect Studio, but the environment is totally made up by me. As I normally do with my personal scenes, I’ve used it in order to learn, to push myself and improve my skills. Amongst the challenges I’ve faced are: nature e
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Fairy Bedroom

Quick project I’ve finished these days, based on a basic design by JoyCG & Eva Gilar (she’s the “Fairy”). A useful collaboration in which we have hopefully learned something and/or improved our skills. As usual, 3dsmax, VRay, Marvelous Designer, eyeon Fusion & Motiva RealStereo for the anaglyph version. (Click on the images for a hi-res version)
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One of those “not-so-typical” works I did at Claroscuro Digital : the restoration of an old hotel, mixing modern decoration with some antique style furniture & stuff. UPDATE 2013: New, updated & improved version. Here you have some frames from the upcoming reel (still in progress) I’m working on it, I promise 😉
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Frames of an animation we did at Claroscuro Digital / The Glow for Romanticism Route in Almendralejo, Badajoz, Spain.  
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The Dungeon

Well, I think every image has its own story behind. So this is the story for my dungeon: Well, I work at home. And my family & friends call my office “The Cave” or “The Dungeon”. And the idea came from that. So I tried to mix both concepts. No matter how cool our office is, or how much do we love our work. All of us feel chained to it, sometimes. All of us have our own prisoner ball (mine
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