Recently we have finished a videoart piece called Landwine: Captured Nature. It’s a collaborative and creative project betweeen A+i+D Studio (headed by the artist Alfonso Doncel), writer Antonio Sáez Delgado, and The Glow / Claroscuro Digital. It explores the meaning of beauty by relocation. What is beauty? What is art? Can we call something “art” just by moving it from its place and putting it some
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After delivering this project for a client with a “clear-blue-sky-shiny-day” finish, I decided to work on the lighting & atmosphere, getting these results. Much better than the version the client wanted, in my humble opinion.
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Frames of an animation we did at Claroscuro Digital / The Glow for Romanticism Route in Almendralejo, Badajoz, Spain.  
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Never Again

I tend to use my personal projects as an experiment to learn new methods, techniques I still don’t fully understand, or to improve my skills. In this case, the goal was to recreate a photograph I took in 2003, with a 1-megapixel digital camera (not much quality, as you guess). Such place had “something” that inspired me and the photograph had a lighting that I really liked. Unfortunately, the project spent some years
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The Dungeon

Well, I think every image has its own story behind. So this is the story for my dungeon: Well, I work at home. And my family & friends call my office “The Cave” or “The Dungeon”. And the idea came from that. So I tried to mix both concepts. No matter how cool our office is, or how much do we love our work. All of us feel chained to it, sometimes. All of us have our own prisoner ball (mine
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